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A Cry From Egypt

“A Cry From Egypt” is a Christian historical fiction book based in ancient Egypt during the time of the Exodus in the Bible. Jarah, the main character, is a twelve-year-old girl who is struggling with who she believes. Does she believe with her father that Yahweh is the true God? But if He is, how could He let them be enslaved to the cruel Egyptian nation? Or does she believe with her mother that the Egyptians gods control the world around them? When Jarah looks at the Egyptian gods, she feels fear and dread. But is that what she’s supposed to feel?

Just when Jarah doesn’t think things can get any worse, they do. Their work load is suddenly doubled after the lost prince, Moses, and his brother Aaron tell the pharaoh to let their people go. Pharaoh, enraged, not only says no to the brothers’ commands but makes everything harder on the Israelites. The Hebrews are not only shocked and stunned by the news but angry at Moses as well. Moses is claiming to have Yahweh’s power and that Yahweh will deliver them. But does he really have Yahweh’s power? Would their God want them to suffer and work even harder than they were before? This is what Jarah is thinking about when she witnesses a true miracle - with Yahweh’s power the Nile River is turned into blood.

Jarah soon finds herself in a whirl of activity, excitement, and horror as numerous plagues strike the Egyptian nation but leave the Israelites alone. While Jarah’s faith begins to grow, she and her family are often in the path of the pharaoh’s wrath. As Jarah struggles with the decisions she must make she is torn by the conflict within her own household. But Jarah must make the decision of who she believes because her life, and her very soul, are soon at stake.