Hopeful Stories

Historical Fiction for His Glory

About the Author

Hope Auer is twenty years old and has been writing stories and plays actively since she was ten. She loved writing and telling stories from a very early age. When Hope was thirteen she started writing a short historical fiction book about ancient Egypt. When her family read it, they were impressed and encouraged her to pursue getting the book published. She took their encouragement seriously and continued to work on the book through her high school years. She is also currently working on three more books that will be sequels to her first book, making a four-book series entitled “The Promised Land Series.” The first book, “A Cry From Egypt,” is currently in the publication process.

In addition to writing, Hope loves the Lord, life, church, family, and children. She was homeschooled and works and learns alongside her family, who are the first people to review and critique her writing. She’s been involved in theatre even longer than she’s been writing, so character development is not unique to her. Hope has a heart for children which she gets to exercise at home, in theatre, as she teaches piano, and with the young readers who have previewed her book. Hope is eager to see how God is going to use her book to have an impact on everyone, young and old, who reads it. Hope also has a little Shih Tzu named Sophie who often sits on her lap and helps her write.